Sunday, March 10, 2013

non-traditional family

This post is for my beautiful sister and dedicated to her dad.

For those of you that don't know, I come from a very non-traditional family.  When I was younger I envied the traditional family.  I still do sometimes.  What I have is special though and full of some very wonderful people. I'll give you a brief overview.

My mom and dad were married for about a decade and I was their only child.  A few years after they divorced, my mom remarried.  My new step-dad came complete with two teenage boys (their mom was not involved at the time).  I, being a teenage girl at the time, was less than thrilled.  An only child now sandwiched in age between two brothers -- yikes!  It was an adjustment.  A few years later my sister came along.  :)  There is a 14 year age difference between the two of us.  My mom and her dad were divorced a few years later but they have always remained friends.

My sister's dad and brothers (along with their families) are always at my mom's for Christmas.  We celebrate together.  I know the concept may seem weird for my mom to have her current husband and ex-husband together for the holidays, but for us it works.  I still call my ex-step-brothers, my brothers.  They always will be.

That's the back story.  The tragedy is that my sister's dad passed away last night.  It came on suddenly.  He went to the doctor on Monday and they airlifted him to Rochester with a stomach infection.  Several surgeries in a few short days and an infection that wouldn't quit, took his life.  My heart aches for this side of my family.  To lose a parent is unimaginable.  I want them all to know that I am thinking of them and that I love them all.

I leave you all with these photos.  My sister was married about 2 and a half years ago.  Her dad was able to walk her down the aisle.  At only 22 years old, this woman surprises me with her strength and courage.  These are for you Ginny, my beautiful sister.  I love you so much and wish I could take your pain away.  ♥

Rest in peace.