Saturday, October 30, 2010


I like to do a theme thing for Halloween. Last year we went as the characters from Madagascar . . Alex (Joe), Melman (James), and Marty (me). What to do this year . . .

BATMAN! Joe is very into Batman at the moment. He's never watched any of the movies or cartoons but that doesn't matter. He's go the batcave and the guys that go with it. Joe obviously had to be Batman. I was able find a Robin costume for James which left me questioning what I was going to do. I saw the mask and though -- Catwoman. Easy for me because I could just wear all black -- you didn't really think I would wear a catsuit, did you?

We had a party after school on Thursday, they had a party in school on Friday, decorating cookies at Grandma's and Grandpa's on Sunday afternoon then off to Pump It Up for a Halloween jump, and then trick-or-treating. I thought Halloween was just a one day thing?? :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous Five!

My little peanut turned five today. Where has the time gone . . .

You're shy, until you get to know people (kind of like your mom and dad)
You look like your dad
You're so smart -- reading already (and if I had to guess it is probably at a first grade level -- holy cow)
You're not the nicest to your brother but when you choose to be, you couldn't be a better brother and friend to James
You ask lots of questions
You're into Batman, Toy Story, books, and anything related to skateboarding
You've started to wean yourself off of naps and that's not my favorite
You're such a problem solver -- you really think about things to find an answer
You've got the greatest belly laugh
You've got lots of hair like your mom
You have a hard time keeping your pants up because your skinny like your dad
You're very independent
You are my little peanut and I couldn't love you more


Some pics from today and Joe's birthday . . .

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I jinxed myself. I jinxed the family. Last weekend I mentioned how I was shocked that neither of the kids had needed stitches yet. Then came today . . .

the hole. I'm not trying to be graphic but it was one of the grossest things that I've seen. When his teacher brought him to my office and I saw the blood I figured that I would clean it and find a gash. When I saw a hole, I couldn't hold back my tears. You can't see that well in this picture but I could kind of see inside his head. My poor baby.
We went to the doctor, they numbed his head, cleaned it out, and stapled it up. 5 staples -- his first war wound. The staples can come out the day after his 5th birthday -- 5 staples for a 5 year old.

The staples. The picture quality is quite poor because I was using my phone and it doesn't have the best camera. The fact that my subject wouldn't stop moving didn't help either. As my assistant said -- I have my own little Frankenstein for Halloween.

I'm so thankful that everything turned out ok.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun with Play-Doh

We had nothing better to do tonight than to play with play-doh. The kids were playing by themselves for a while but when Joe was trying to make a beard I knew that I had to jump in to participate and document.

James sporting a lovely little beard. (I guess that's to go along with his ketchup mustache.)

Anyone need a kiss?

At least it's not a unibrow!

Most definitely my favorite. How cute is my little guy?
The play-doh -- for sure my best purchase in the past couple of weeks -- $2 for 8 tubs. Gotta love something that lets them be creative.