Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous Five!

My little peanut turned five today. Where has the time gone . . .

You're shy, until you get to know people (kind of like your mom and dad)
You look like your dad
You're so smart -- reading already (and if I had to guess it is probably at a first grade level -- holy cow)
You're not the nicest to your brother but when you choose to be, you couldn't be a better brother and friend to James
You ask lots of questions
You're into Batman, Toy Story, books, and anything related to skateboarding
You've started to wean yourself off of naps and that's not my favorite
You're such a problem solver -- you really think about things to find an answer
You've got the greatest belly laugh
You've got lots of hair like your mom
You have a hard time keeping your pants up because your skinny like your dad
You're very independent
You are my little peanut and I couldn't love you more


Some pics from today and Joe's birthday . . .

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  1. So cute! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!!


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