Thursday, August 29, 2013

linked 2013: everyday

Well hello there.  Did you miss me?  I haven't blogged for quite awhile.  I have had a few blogger issues and I missed the last "linked" because of an injury.  I was going to do the "me" post after my work trip to Florida, but I happened to dislocate my kneecap while I was down there.  Much pain and physical therapy and I'm feeling a little better.  More physical therapy to go.  :)

I took a few pics of some everyday stuff.  I took them with my phone because it was easy.  They are unedited because it's easier that way.  Everyday I have a lot to do so I might as well make some things easier.  :)  (I do apologize for the crappy quality of the photos.)

 Every morning I pick accessories to wear.  I never use to change jewelry or wear much.  I like how I can dress things up by the jewelry I wear.  Perfect for work.

Everyday I wear those crocs (next to my purse) to work.  Closed toed shoes for safety.  :)  I wear those black flip-flops everyday that I'm not at work.

I have one can everyday.  I usually grab it on my way to work to drink with my lunch.  Confession - I do not like many kinds of pop other than this and I don't keep it in my fridge at home or I would definitely drink more than one can a day.  (Yes, I call it pop.)

Everyday (it might be almost everyday), I eat peanut butter.  It's usually on a banana for breakfast.  The other day it was with an apple.  I had to try the new "whips" kind.  The jury is still out on that one.  Also, everyday (almost) my children eat some sort of goldfish.  We have a problem and may need an intervention.

Everyday before bed I set the boys' clothes out for the next day.  It's already hard enough to get them out of bed most mornings - I do not need to argue about what they are going to wear.  It's always the same -- James on the left, Joe on the right.

Everyday, I love these two.  

Everyday, I climb into this bed.  I love it.  Sometimes I watch TV.  Sometimes I read.  Sometimes I play on my phone.  I never really make my bed but rather just pull the covers up and call it a day.  I love my bed.

There it is -- a little glimpse into my EVERYDAY.

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