Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This weekend we had rain.  Yes people, rain.  It was a nice change from snow and a sure sign that spring is here.  Or so I thought until I looked out the window this morning.  Ick.  That's neither here nor there though, we're talking about rain.

The boys were at their dad's house this weekend and I was wondering what we could do when they got home.  It only made sense to put the rain boots on and go splash in the puddles.  Why not?  They had a great time and came in with soaking wet pants.  (If you follow my facebook updates this would be the night we ate dinner and I was the only one wearing pants.) 

The kids had to keep making sure I was really saying that it was Ok for them to jump in the puddles.  I know I'm uptight sometimes but that's why I bought the rainboots -- to have a little fun.  :)  Can't wait until it gets warm enough that we can splash in the puddles without big coats and hats.  Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. Boo! Found ya!

    I want me a pair of rainboots! I think no one would really miss the snow.


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