Friday, February 10, 2012

Linked 52: Quiet

So you would think that because I had the day off I would have been much more prompt with this post.  You would have thought wrong.  Ever the procrastinator, I waited until the last minute.

Quiet.  My life is not quiet.  I am not quiet.  I enjoy quiet but it usually only comes when the boys are at their dad's house.  The noisiest of the boys is James.  Takes after his mama.  Never shuts up.  :)  Has a loud voice, just like his mom.  The only times he's quiet is when he's eating something (he has to really like it or food will not quiet him), watching TV, or sleeping.  If you've seen any of my comments on facebook then you know that the little stinker usually talks to himself in his room / comes out to bother me until about 10:30 each night so quiet doesn't happen quickly there either.

I did catch him in a rare moment of quiet today though.  We had just come back from getting his hair cut (don't get me started -- they cut it shorter than I wanted and I'm sad) and he was eating his sucker.  I turned on Mickey Mouse for him so I could pack the rest of our stuff to go out of town.  It was a nice moment of quiet.  A rare one, but nice.

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  1. Hey for Mickey!
    He's so tuned in to the TV, it looks like you could stand in the room, wave your arms and he wouldn't notice.
    I think his hair is darling.

  2. He so reminds me of my Eli! He sat on the couch just the other night eating a sucker watching cartoons. :-)

  3. okay, you officially are my go-to for a good laugh. Love it. And yay for Mickey!

  4. It seems this week's theme helped us all realize how much quiet we are all missing in our lives. I love how he is zoned out with his lollipop.

    oh, and please add me to your link list!

  5. Ha! Gotta love boys :). Such a sweet moment. So cute. Gotta cherish those quiet moments! ;)

  6. They did cut his hair too short! I am sad, too!

  7. so cute. i bet it was great while it lasted!

  8. Too cute. Are little boys ever really quiet more than just a couple of minutes out of the day? ;-) Glad you got a few quiet moments to yourself.

  9. I'm 99% sure I have a picture like this of Harrison sitting on the sofa eating a treat after a haircut... and probably watching Disney. LOL

    It may be too short but from the picture, he looks cute!

  10. those silly hairdressers always cut my boy's hair too short too!
    i think your little guy looks just adorable!

    glad you were able to enjoy some quiet ;)

  11. It's been so long since my son was this small. I remember how loud things could get at this age. Enjoy the silence! By the way, he does look cute!


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