Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joe turns 7!

I've been a little absent with the blogging lately but wanted to make sure that I hopped on to document the anniversary of my oldest child's birth.  Yep, Joe turned 7 today!

I can't believe that it's been seven years already.  It was a long labor and I never thought I'd be done.  But after about 28 hours in the hospital, I was rewarded with this guy.  Totally worth it.

Wednesdays are Joe's day to spend with dad so we did a little celebration before work / school this morning.  He'll be having a party on Sunday and then the two of us have a little one on one time to celebrate more.  :)

I usually make chocolate chip pancakes for the kids' birthdays but didn't think I could manage that and still make it to work by 7.  I also forgot to buy muffins and had to use what we had in the house.  Don't judge.  :)

He even got to open a few gifts including one handpicked and wrapped by/from his brother.  (It was a pack of Pokemon cards in case you were wondering.)

Can't wait to celebrate with him more.  I leave you with the photo that I put on facebook.  One of my favorite pics of when he was little (3 months) and then one taken about a month ago.  Time really does go quickly.  *sigh*



  1. ...not a bad birthday morning/cake.... i could not have done it better :)


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