Friday, April 26, 2013

linked 2013

Hello friends.  I've been absent for awhile.  Hoping I find more motivation to post.  There has been a lot of stuff going on so this has not been a big priority.  :(

This week's "linked" theme is "simple."  I have one simple wish . . . that spring will come.  This weather has everyone depressed or acting all sorts of goofy.  It has gone from snowing at the beginning of the week to projected 70s for the weekend.  I think we're all a little confused.  

I have not had my camera out much lately.  Here are a few simple, unedited photos of life that is starting to show itself.  :)

I think I'm getting my wish this weekend.  :)

 Amanda, Carla, Hanne, Heather, Janet, Jenn, Rhonda, Tracey and Tracy


  1. Aren't those little bits of life amazing? I find myself wandering around my yard, looking for something new. Things should really start to take off now...I hope!

  2. hope you'll enjoy spring as much as I do this year...I enjoy, too the small miracles of Nature!

  3. Love your photos. The weather everywhere has been crazy. Hope you enjoy a true spring now.


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