Monday, April 25, 2011

My attempt

I have all sorts of pictures to go through from our Easter weekend in Fairmont which I'll get to posting later this week I'm sure.  I thought I would share a piece of our weekend -- my attempt at cutting Joseph's hair.  We normally go to one of those kid hair places that costs $16 per kid (2 in my house) plus tip.  Of course they get their hair done at the same time so that means tipping two people.  I don't mind tipping and I don't mind paying for a good hair cut.  I just mind because my finances have changed.  My mom and Arnie had some clippers so I thought I'd try on Joe.  Joe looks better with short hair because his is thick and gets unmanageable when it gets long.  James' hair is better with a little length and I'm a little scared to do his.  In true James fashion as soon as I started cutting Joe's hair James threw a tantrum about how I couldn't do it and I needed to take him to Snip-Its (the normal hair place).  I made James take a nap and went back to finish.  It took me forever because I was terrified of having a bald child.  He did not end up bald.  Relief for me.  I'm have some control issues and I'm very particular about some things.  This turned out to be one of them.  I'm trying to let it go and accept that I didn't do to bad for my first time.  Joe's not crying at his reflection and no one is laughing -- that's success I guess.

The before and after.  Don't mind the chocolate mouth -- he got a treat for being a good "patient."

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