Sunday, May 1, 2011

Massive Meltdown

I posted something on facebook about this earlier last week.  About the massive meltdown that James had while getting his hair cut.  My previous post (about Joe's haircut) mentioned how James had a meltdown that I was cutting Joe's hair and that he was not getting it cut at Snip-Its.  The kids are big fans of Snip-Its.  I decided after that fiasco to not try to cut James' hair myself.  I thought I could avoid a meltdown (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) and I don't trust myself to cut with scissors which is how James needs the top cut.  What an ordeal.

We got there and had to wait awhile and James was a perfect angel.  "Is it my turn yet mommy?"  "No honey, not yet."  "Otay."  Then it was his turn.  The screaming started as soon as they put the little seat belt on him in the chair.  Many forms of distraction were tried -- they all failed.  His face was beat red as he screamed and cried out "I want to cut my hair at Grandma Judy's house" repeatedly.  Um, didn't you have a meltdown at Grandma's house?  I literally had to hold his head while the judging eyes of all the parents in the store stared at me.  Trust me, I wouldn't have done it if he was actually scared.  I know the difference between the "I'm scared" cry and the "I'm two and I only want to do what I want" cry.  It was a long process but we made it through the cut. 

James calmed down, they both got their prizes and suckers and then James apologized to the stylist.  I turned to thank her again on my way out the door only to have her tell me that I hadn't checked out yet.  That's right, I made her listen to my screaming child and try to cut his hair while he was all wiggly and then I wasn't going to pay her.  Ugh.  I felt mortified.  I was so happy that James had calmed down that I forgot all about the paying part.  I made sure to give her a bigger tip.  (so much for the idea of cutting their hair on my own to save money)

James was pretty exhausted after all of that and he fell asleep in the car.  (Note to self -- no more hair cuts on days that he doesn't nap.)  He normally wakes up when I get him out of the car but he just kept right on sleeping.  From 6 pm that night to 4am the next morning -- just in time for the royal wedding (or the cartoons that I turned on for him while I kept on sleeping). 

I didn't get any pictures during the actual haircut but snapped a few when we got home.

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