Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memory Lane

So my walls in my living room are empty and I have been wanting to fill them with pictures of the city.  Of my favorite places and memories.  Today Amy and I hit the U to take some pictures.  We took a little walk down memory lane while we were there -- walking past our old apartment, our old dorms, all the staple places that were there when we went there and all the new places that we were clueless about.  Here we go:

Toes painted . . . ready to go!

We started off in Stadium Village (by where we used to live), made our way to Dinkytown, then to the Washington Avenue bridge and back.  Familiar and new all at the same time.  These are just a couple of places that we passed. :) 

 I also took some random pictures too.

I love the colors of these sign posts.  I'm sure there's paper on there from when I was there.
I love the structure of this picture.  The lines of it. 

Some flowers outside of northrop auditorium.  I love how the sky looks so white in the background.

Some random pipes outside of the parking garage.  There is something about the hard black metal and the curves and the lock that I just love.

One last picture.  Had to try to get a couple of Amy and I together.  One of my favorites:


  1. Love it!!! Super jealous I wasn't with! Amazing photos!!

  2. I love photo collages!

    My favorite place to dine in dinky town is the loring pasta bar. Also love their bathrooms!

  3. Awesome photo collages, love them :) I love the beautiful colours of the flowers.

    K xx


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