Wednesday, June 22, 2011

O.M.G. James is 3!

My baby turned 3 today!  We had a party for him this past Saturday (post with pics to come soon) and just did a mini celebration at home today.  Since the boys are with Mike on Wednesdays and I work at 7 in the morning we celebrated very early.  I had saved a couple of cars for him to open as a present this morning so he had a present and grabbed a doughnut for him last night at the grocery store.  Simple but perfect. 

 My sweet baby James . . . 

You are mischievous.  (you get that look in your eye)
You can't say the "k" sound.  It's dar for car and such.  You also say Otay instead of Okay.  :)
You pick on your brother constantly and at the same time you idolize him.
You're attached to your "nights".  You have 5 of them.
You only want to drink milk and will have a fit if you can't have it.
You want to do everything by yourself.
You are SO stubborn.  (Not sure if you get that from your dad or from me.)
You like to climb on everything -- my little monkey.
You are a flirt.
You know how to spell your name and will tell everyone. J-A-M-E-S!
You recently went through a period where you only wanted to sleep on the floor.
You get so excited about things and you're currently saying "woo hoo" every time you get excited.
You like to snuggle with me (although not as much as I would like).
You are the most perfect 3 year old for me.  :)

Happy Birthday James!  I love you all the way to the moon and back.


  1. He is one of a kind! See the proof? A light blue sprinkle. Just one, like you're one & only James!

    The boys are way incredibly intelligent because they have an awesome mom that loves & care for them a whole lot!

  2. Awww, Jean. That's so sweet. Thank you!


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