Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Birthday Business

I think this will be the last of the birthday posts.  You never know though -- I took a lot of pictures that I might want to share.  Plus my baby is so darn cute how could you not want to hear more about him and his day.  :) 
We had James' b-day party last weekend at Oak Hill park in St. Louis Park.  The boys and I went there often last summer to go to the splash pad there.  (They don't really love water so the splash pad is perfect for them.)

We ate a little lunch and then it was time for presents.  I had bought James a pirate treasure chest (he's obsessed with Jake and the Neverland pirates on Disney) and made a little treasure hunt for him at the park.  Amy helped me make pictures and tape them around the park.  The boys had a great time going on the hunt but I didn't get very many good pictures. 

 James was hysterical opening his gifts shouting "Woo Hoo!  Just what I wanted."  He even did it when he opened the clothes.  Last year it seemed that Toy Story 3 threw up all over his party, this year it was Cars 2.  A nice chunk of his toys revolved around the movie and we're very excited to go see it.  :)  After presents we moved onto cake.  He loved his cake.  (Of course it was the Cars theme.)

Yes, he's licking the cake.  Grandma told him to do it.  

Missed a candle picture in the collage.  So we'll just add it in here.  :)

When we were done with the cake we moved onto the splash pad.  They got in about a half an hour of play before it started raining.  I took some pictures of their water play and then took some with their grandparents, them with their dad, and even got some with me in it.  We were lucky to have all the parents from Mike's side there for the party.

So glad that it didn't downpour during his party.  So thankful for all the family and friends that could be there.  So happy that my baby boy had a great day.

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