Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday night randomness

Monday is almost over so I guess I could have done Tuesday randomness.

-- I have totally been absent from here because I feel like I've been in a winter type depression.  Also, I think I have some sort of virus on my computer and blogger does not work as it once did / should.

-- I love my kids but after this long weekend with them I'm ready to ship James off to military school.  He was so naughty every time we left the house to do something.  Aaaaaghhhh!

-- I can't believe James turns 5 in less than a month.  I'm going to have two kids in school.  Commence crying.  Wait.  I think I can wait until pre-k graduation to start the crying.  With his behavior though I might be cheering.  I kid.  Maybe.

-- I got my mom to start watching Friends and she is loving it.  Can you believe that since 1994 when the series started, she had never seen an episode?  Could she BE any more behind the times?  :)  Glad that she is sharing in something that I love / loved so much.

-- My sister started a new blog.  You can find her here.  She talks about doing some DIY projects, the life of moving all the time, her dogs, and living with no furniture for the past month.  Exciting stuff.  :)

--  I have an obsession with avocados.  I never really liked them until about 2 or 3 years ago and now I have started eating one almost daily.  Must. stop. (or at least slow down)

--  Thinking about heading to the Black Hills / Mount Rushmore this summer.  Just a few days.  My dad lives about halfway between here and there so we would stop at his place for the night and then drag him along with us.  I've never been yet both my parents are from SD and I used to spend large chunks of my summer in the state.

--  I'm looking for new books to read so if anyone has any suggestions please offer them.

-- I got my first pair of crocs and I'm ashamed to say that I love them.  I did not get the traditional looking ones but rather a ballerina type flat.  They are perfect for work because I can slop stuff on them when I'm in the kitchen, they are closed toed, and they are super comfy. 

That's the randomness for this evening.  I hope you all have a nice, short week.  :)

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