Friday, June 28, 2013

Linked 2013: reflection

So sorry that I missed May's linked.  I had a lot going on with work and it just didn't happen.

For this month's theme I thought I could get deep and "reflective" to go with the theme.  That's just not happening.  I was also thinking I should take some cool water reflective picture or a cool one from the reflection of a picture window.  That is also not happening.

Instead you are getting a series of random reflection photos from my phone from my recent vacation.  If you follow me on instagram (csknudson) you might know that we had a few car problems on this trip.  More blogging to come on that whole adventure.  Short version is that we (myself, Joe, James, and my dad) were in car that was overheating on our way to see Mt. Rushmore.  Lots of stops to cool the car off.

These would probably be better photos if I edited them but I just got back into town on Wednesday and have been running errands / at sports practices non-stop since.

On the road -- my dad was a little weirded out when I was sticking my camera in his face to get the reflection of the open road off of his glasses.  :)

Waiting to get diagnostics done on the car -- sitting in the parking lot.

This is what I caught in the rearview mirror while we were waiting.

 A little selfie. Stupid phone had to be plugged in almost the whole time.  Went shopping and got a new one today.  :)

One of our stops to let the car cool down.  Family pic by way of a bathroom mirror.

There you have it -- reflections of a vacation.

 Amanda, Rachel, Hanne, Heather, Janet, Jenn, RhondaTracey and Tracy


  1. These are great shots! I love the story they tell. Sorry about the car problems, but you had a great attitude about it. :)

  2. I LOVE your random, real life, reflections that you caught on your journey!

  3. I love the little face in the corner of the rearview mirror with your selfie.
    I hope at least the touristy parts of your vacation were fun, but what a bummer to have car trouble, that's bad enough in town.
    Your pictures are great.

  4. Love these shots from your vacation...and then Mount Rushmore! Lucky you - really would love to visit the US some Day! I love the little face, too like Janet, on your was the first thing I noticed!

  5. Ha, love that you fit in reflection where you were! :) They tell a great story of your vacation and our theme, love it!

  6. This posted reminded me of the a recent sunglass shot of myself in one lens and dad in the other on our little guy! I love the selfie---I don't do enough of those! And I am totally jealous if you got the iphone 5! :)


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