Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre V-Day patience

Today was one of those days.  You know you've all had them.  One of those days where everything seems to drive you crazy and your patience wears thin.  I should have expected it after yesterday.  Yesterday was nice and relaxing and the kids kept their fighting to a minimum -- What more could I ask for?  I could have asked for a whole weekend of that type of behavior and peace. 

Our day started off with pancakes as it does every Sunday that they are with me in the morning.  We did cinnamon pancakes today instead of our normal chocolate chip. . . . maybe I should have started the day with chocolate.  The boys play and fight.  Are you really surprised?  My patience is wearing thin . . .

Time for the Valentine Day cards.  Yep, we waited until the last minute.  Again, are you really surprised?  I had Joe write his name out on all of his cards and let James color his.  Some of my patience returned.
Lunch time.  James did not eat anything.  Sometimes it's so frustrating.  Little bit of patience gone with that one.  More arguing and whining.  More patience gone.  Time to make our Valentine cupcakes to bring to the teachers at school tomorrow.  We, of course, had to eat some.  (I did make James eat something before he could have a cupcake though.)

Does it look delicious?

Naptime.  Did either one of them sleep?  NO.  Why would they?  I did get about an hour of peace as they laid in their room reading books.  Welcome back patience.  :)  I went to tell them they could be done resting and it looked like a library threw up in their room.  Ugh.  We tried to play a game but there was screaming (it was happy screaming but it still was not what I wanted to hear) and running and craziness.  Just not the day I wanted to hear it.  It was driving me crazy.  Enter one-on-one time.  Something Mike and I do with the boys every other weekend.  Joe went to daddy's house this weekend and I got some one-on-one time with James.  It's kind of relaxing to just have 1 kid.  Patience slowly returning.  
Joe returns.  Lots of picking on his brother.  I have the cure -- bathtime and bedtime.  No naps had them both falling asleep quickly.  

Patience -- it really is a virtue, isn't it?

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