Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where did he come up with that?

These children keep me in stitches.  The things they come up with sometimes are priceless.  One of my favorites came from Joe.  He was about 3 and he had cars all lined up between the coffee table and the couch.  I said "Why are you making a mess?"  He replied "You call it a mess, I call it a party."  Where did he come up with that?

Some recent ones:

In the bathtub I asked them who looked like a wrinkly old lady (that's usually what Joe says he looks like after a soak in the tub) and James quickly shouted "Mommy!"  He must have seen the look I gave him and he quickly changed his answer  -- "Grandma Judy?"  I just had to laugh . . . (sorry mom).

After bathtime Joe looked in the mirror and said "Daaaaaang, I'm hot."  Excuse me?  Later he said that he was just saying he was tall but I know what I heard.

My dad has recently undergone chemotherapy and lost his hair.  I talk about it often to make the kids feel more comfortable with it.  Their dad's brother is also bald (by choice).  When we talk about it James always gets excited and says "Papa D has no hair, Uncle Mark has no hair, and daddy has no hair in the middle."  Contrary to what some people might think, I did not teach him this.  (I do think it's a little amusing though.)  His teacher is so sweet, she has been teaching him to say that daddy does have hair in the middle because she doesn't want James to hurt his feelings.  (We love Ms. Jean.)

More to come from my two little munchkins later.  I have to savor these precious moments with them -- time is flying by fast.

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