Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sing a Song

So I picked up my little munchkins from their dad's house this afternoon and went to run a couple of errands with them.  The were a little high strung.  We were able to calm down but they still had a little silliness left in them (they probably get that from me).  The car was full of music on the way home but the radio wasn't the source.  They started off singing some sort of Happy Birthday remix to April whose birthday is today and we planned on calling when we got home.  In true Knudson boy fashion as soon as we got home and called April they both were silent.  If only she could have listened to them in the car -- it was too cute.
When the birthday song celebration was done they moved into an original song:
Joe:  "I am BIG!!"
James:  "I am LITTLE!!"
Joe:  "I am BIG!"
James:  "I am LITTLE!!"
Joe:  "I am the best!  No, I mean mommy is the best!"  (and I didn't even have to tell him to say that)
James:  "Mommy!"
Joe:  " I know lots of stuff.  Eight minus one is (long pause) . . . seven.  Four plus four equals eight.  Nine plus nine equals . . . "
James:  "I am LITTLE!"  (keep in mind that this is all in song)
Joe:  "seventy?" 

As much as they drive me crazy this type of stuff just makes my day.  A made up song that lasted a couple of minutes on a car ride home.  Love my boys!  :)


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