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Warning:  Long post ahead

Today is my 100th post.  It's taken me a long time to get to 100.  That's something I'd like to change.  Instead of thinking what I'd like to blog about, I'd like to actually take action and do it.  That's my goal for the next 100 - to blog more often.

I decided that for this post I would include 100 things.  Ten lists of ten.  I could not put them in order 1-10 because I'm very indecisive and trying to rate them would take me forever.  This lists are in no particular order.  :)

10 places I'd like to visit:

1.  England
2.  New York, New York
3.  Italy
4.  Ireland
5.  Disney World
6. Washington, D.C.
7.  New Orleans
8.  Japan
9.  Boston
10.  Grand Canyon

10 places I have traveled to already:

1.  Honolulu, Hawaii
2.  Niagara Falls
3.  Toronto, Canada
4.  Sacramento, California
5.  Dallas, Texas
6.  Winter, Colorado
7.  Las Vegas, Nevada
8.  Chicago, Illinois
9.  The Dakotas
10.  Mexico -- Mazatlan, Alcapulco, Cabo

10 of my favorite movies / movies that I've watched too many times to count:

1.  The Parent Trap (1961)
2.  Tommy Boy
3.  Newsies
4.  Father of the Bride
5.  Bridesmaids
6.  Dodgeball
7.  City Slickers
8.  Clueless
9.  27 Dresses
10.  Sleepless in Seattle

* Too many to name everything here.  I know I'm forgetting some great ones.

10 of my favorite book series/ authors:

1.  Harry Potter -- all of them (think the 4th is my fav)
2.  Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum series) -- if you haven't read her you should, she's hysterical
3.  Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson
4.  Hunger Games
5.  Joanne Fluke -- easy reads, take place in MN, has recipes
6.  John Sandford -- Prey series -- take place in MN
7.  Selma Eichler -- Murder Can Ruin . . . series, also quick, easy reads
8.  John Grisham -- it's been awhile since I've read his stuff but I own / still really like it.
9.  Goodnight Moon -- it reminds me of my kids because we have read it so many times they recite it.
10.  Dr. Suess -- love to read his books to my babies  (What Was I Afraid Of? is a favorite of mine)

I read pretty much anything and am always open to suggestions.  These authors I know I can pick up pretty much any book and enjoy it.

10 of my favorite TV shows (non reality)

1.  Friends
2.  How I Met Your Mother
3.  Big Bang Theory
4.  Modern Family
5.  Fresh Prince of Bel Air (my fav in high school)
6.  Grey's Anatomy
7.  Royal Pains
8.  Brothers & Sisters
9.  The Office (with Steve Carell)
10.  Glee

I don't have premium cable or maybe I would have gotten into shows like Weeds or Dexter.  I don't have Netflix to watch them on either.

10 favorite reality shows (including talk shows)

1.  Amazing Race
2.  Survivor
3.  The Ellen Show
4.  Top Chef
5.  Project Runway
6.  So You Think You Can Dance
7.  Big Brother
8.  Biggest Loser
9.  Next Food Network Star
10.  HGTV's next Design Star

I don't do the "looking for love" reality shows.  I'll watch pretty much any cooking competition though.  The sad thing is that I watch more reality shows than this (that seems to be about all I watch) but I think these are my favorite.  I know -- I need a life.

10 favorite places / activities in Minnesota:

1.  Minnehaha Falls
2.  Sculpture Garden
3.  U of M
4.  St. Anthony Main
5.  Target Field -- isn't outdoor baseball great?
6.  Holidazzle parade
7.  Tubing down the Canon River -- so many great memories from college
8.  The Drive-In (I'm sure they have these other places but it's still a favorite.)
9.  Shopping / Eating / People Watching / Going out in Uptown
10.  Canterbury Downs -- I've spent my last 2 birthday celebrations there.

10 "Fun" Facts about me:

1.  I was named after my grandparents -- grandpa Carl and grandma Sue -- Carla Sue
2.  I had a tumor on my tongue that was removed when I was 10.
3.  I took dance lessons for 15 years and loved it.  I bust out moves everywhere now.
4.  I didn't drive until I was 32. 
5.  I hate rice.
6.  I don't like hot beverages.  No tea, coffee, cider, hot chocolate.  Bleh.  (This past year I've been having bits of coffee though -- we might be turning a corner on this one.)
7.  I always have to put my left shoe on first.  I'm a little OCD.
8.  I have double jointed elbows.
9.  I have celebrity crushes on Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, LL Cool J, and Jeff Probst.
10.  I used to own a turtle named Doozer, after those little guys on Fraggle Rock.

10 things that make me smile:

1.  My family!  They are crazy but I love hanging out with all of them.
2.  Snuggling with my babies.
3.  Taking pictures.
4.  Dancing.
5.  Pretzel M&Ms (let me be real -- all M&Ms)
6.  Cherry Coke
7.  Phone calls / text messages from friends.
8.  The kids at work all calling my name when I walk in a classroom.
9.   Reading my US Weekly.
10.  Being barefoot.  (Oooh, I could add pedicures to go with this.)  :)

10 Random Photos (that have me in them)

1.  2003

2.  2004

3.  2005
4.  2006
5.  2007
6.  2008

7.  2009
8.  2010
9.  2011
10.  2012

Evidently I have not been in any photos this year because I had to pull this off of my phone.  I need to get in front of the camera more so I can prove that I did the stuff too.  :)
These photos were kind of like a walk down memory lane.  

That's it folks.  My 100th post.  :)  Thanks for reading!

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