Monday, April 9, 2012

This place

I traveled back home for Easter to spend time with my family.  Every time I am back in Fairmont I drive past a place that I want to stop and take pictures.  The past couple of times I have been back we have been busy or it has been dark.  Yesterday after all of our Easter festivities when then the kids and I were on our way back to my mom's house, we stopped.  We were there for less than 5 minutes but enough that I could snap off a few shots and secure the area as a future photo location for me.  

We went to this place:

It's just this one blue panel among brown ones.  It's right by the railroad tracks.  The tracks are still used so we didn't stay long.  One of the children did not want to cooperate too much either.

I was still able to get a few.

Yes, you did notice an injury on James' nose.  A result of getting hit in the face with a basketball by a cousin (an accident) and body slammed on the floor by his brother (not an accident).  That's how we celebrate our holidays.  :)

They want to make sure that I include their favorite:

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


  1. I think it's usually normal when the kids are fighting/arguing or telling on each other when they're all together (at least in my family).

    And I love the colors! They pop out nicely! Great job!


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