Friday, June 22, 2012


"Linked" will be posted later.  I'm totally behind with this project.  I wrote last weeks post but I couldn't find one of the photos so I never posted.  :(  I will post this week.

James is 4!

How did this happen?  I'm always amazed at how much they have grown every year.  Time really does fly.  He really is such a little peanut though.  Look at this face:

Makes me ache for another one a little bit.
That was then and this is now:

Do you see that look in his eye?  This one is trouble.  :)

My dear baby James, you:
are mischievous
are loud (kind of like your mom)
outgoing (most of the time)
love Angry Birds, Star Wars, and anything on the Disney Channel
are currently boycotting pajamas
climb like a monkey
are so smart -- you are starting to read three letter words and write like a kindergartener - I'm having a hard time keeping up
have a best friend named Malik
hate bedtime
have a temper (uh oh, I think you got this from your mom too)
are small for your age, but walk like you are 10 feet tall
love to dance
love chocolate and are always asking for treats
LOVE milk -- almost like a baby, you still ask for milk every couple of hours and rarely drink anything else
would play the Wii, DS, or Leapster all day, every day if I let you
want to be just like your big brother

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy!

(How much longer can I get away with calling him baby?)


  1. You can call him your baby forever, probably not out loud though :-)
    It's amazing how fast they grow, just wait, it gets worse. ( I always hated when people did this to me, sorry)
    He sure is a cutie!

  2. in all my life, i probably have only owned a handful of pajamas. :D

    happy birthday, james!

  3. I think you can call him your baby forever. :) He will always be your baby.
    They grow-up too fast, don't they.
    I swear just today I was thinking Max had grown two inches overnight.

  4. Eli is also boycotting PJ's and wants to sleep in his clothes. And he would play the Wii or the iPad all day everyday, too. Sigh. Love these boys! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating him. I can't believe they are four!!


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