Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ummm. . . where did the last 9 months go?

He's officially done.  Done with kindergarten.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was crying over school pencils in the shopping cart at Target.  Now I have a first grader.  Crazy.

First Day of School:

Last Day of School:

Some things that happened this year:
-- He finally hit 40 lbs.  It took awhile.
-- He has put forth a strong preference for Joe over Joseph.
-- He has gain so much independence.  (deep breath)
-- He met a great new best friend, Alex.
-- He participated in accelerated reader.
-- He got good grades.
-- He didn't miss any days of school.
-- He learned how to tell time.  (much to my chagrin -- I tell some white lies about time and now I can't)
-- He brought home 3 different girls' phone numbers.
-- His mother made it through the year without a nervous breakdown.  :)

*Sigh*  Hard to believe it's over.  He had a wonderful teacher so I hope he gets a great one next year as well.  Only one more year to go and I have to do this kindergarten thing all over again.


  1. OMG! He looks so different in the end of school year photo. Will my son really change that much next year?
    I love that he got three girls' numbers. ;)
    And it's really the best that there were no nervous breakdowns. :)
    Enjoy your summer, Carla!

  2. He's has changed. It's pretty cute to see that his smile is much bigger on the last day than the first...too cute.


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