Monday, February 4, 2013

favorites of 2012: the boys

So I'm not really sure where January went, but evidently it's gone.  It went quickly.  I don't know that I'll miss it though.  I'm already dreaming of warmer weather.  Anyhoo . . . I never really shared my favorite photos from 2012.  I was going to link up with Ashley Sisk's year in review but lo and behold, time got away from me.  What else is new?

It's really hard for me to make decisions.  Even if it's just picking pictures.  So many of them have a memory attached and therefore make it a favorite of mine.  To keep the post from being too much of a photo dump, I thought I'd do it in sections.

Today I thought I'd share my favorite pics of the boys together.

They got along for a minute.  It definitely reminds me of a similar one from last year.  Love it.
The boys' Valentine card from last year.  Found the idea on Pinterest and ran with it.  Who doesn't love a good 'stache.

Found that blue metal wall and loved it.  This is how they would pose in every picture it I let them.
Just a random day at the park.
James' 4th birthday.

First day of school.  Seems like so long ago . . . *sigh*
It's the faces they make.  Knuckle sandwich anyone?
James didn't want to smile.  Joe decided to help.  :)

So happy and carefree.  I love the joy on their faces.
Favorites?  Yep.  It does not matter where they are -- they'll fight anywhere.  This captures my everyday life which is why it's one (some) of my favorites.  Also, it reminds me of warmer weather.  :)

My plan is to share more favorites in February . . . if I keep up with my blogging.  :)


  1. I love the Valentine you created last year! Totally into the mustache stuff lately. Very cute. I think my other favorite is the one of them both with their backpacks on for school. :) Cute boys. Looking forward to seeing more of your favorites from the year!

  2. Hi there, Just found your blog through my boys-terous life. Blogging takes some effort doesn't it? Especially when you've got boys! And yours are pretty adorable... loved that turquoise wall and thier silly faces. I've got 3 boys myself and it seems I barely have time to breathe some days.

  3. Do you ever feed those boys? :)


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