Friday, February 22, 2013

Linked 2013: Comfort

To soothe.

I decided that for this linked theme I would share with you all the comfort items that we have at our house.

Joe:  Coco the monkey
I think he was just a regular stuffed animal until the divorce.  He seemed to quickly move up in rank at that time.  He sleeps with him most nights but is not so attached that he needs to bring him anywhere/sleep with him every night.

do you see Coco's foot?

James:  night-night
Not really sure how it got that name.  It's a small little lovey blanket randomly picked up at a K-mart.  He became attached and we quickly got more.  Now he has one at dad's house, one at school, and one at home.  Thankfully he is not picky about which one he has.  Not looking forward to this summer when we will wean him off of having it when he's upset at school to get ready for kindergarten.  :(  He's definitely attached.

sometimes he lays on top of it -- it's tucked under his chin/chest.  don't judge me because I have not yet bought him a regular bed.  It's a space issue that I just haven't dealt with yet.

up close

a couple of years ago.  Outside nap with the night-night and Jackson.

Me:  Tilly and the pillow
I'm not attached anymore.  I think.  It's been almost 2 years since I've slept with the pillow.  :)  Tilly is second generation.  The first Tilly was worn out so much that her eyes had to be drawn on with marker.  I found this second one in high school, opened her up, and stuffed her.  She was much too thin.  I used to use her head as a pillow and toted her everywhere.  The pillow came to college with me.  I'll grow up at some point in time. 

my bed -- also a source of comfort.  :)

The hole where she was restuffed.

flashback -- the original tilly in the crib with me

there's the original again a few years later and a little faded.  (do you love my wood paneling and strawberry shortcake sheets?)

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  1. I love the colors in these photos----perfect lighting, nice shots....I can't ever seem to get the night/dark shots without a ton a grain. Great captures, love the old/new.

  2. Love this take on comfort! My boys also have their favorites - little blankets and one stuffed "doggie". We also bought extra blankets when Quinn was little and have only one left - yikes! I had a special blanket that my mom made for me when I was little and it lives in our living room ottoman. I also had the same strawberry shortcake sheets!!! So great that you have these photos of all of your favorite comfort things :)

  3. My daughter has a stuffed dog "Scruffy" that still gets packed when she travels. My youngest son had a stuffed lion "Jeffrey" that was a constant buddy. When we had the fire, (and he had outgrown Jeffrey), I picked him out of the gunk and gave him a good washing, and when I showed him to my should have seen the look on his face, priceless.

  4. TOTALLY great take on comfort!!!!!!

  5. Oh I loved the current shots with all of the flashbacks. Especially the ones of you. :)

  6. I always love when you post photos of your past. I wish I we could have more than one blanky for Bean. I can't tell you how many times we've almost lost hers or forgotten it at Grammy's. It would be the end of the world if she didn't have blanky.


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