Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Days and Mosquito Bite Randomness

One day (not too long ago) it was nice enough to lay out in the sun.  To check out my pedicure against the clear blue sky.

Pretty sure it's time to go those piggies repainted.  Please refrain from commenting about my stunted little toe, I might get a complex or something.  Going right along with that feel free to also keep any comments about how spread apart my toes are to yourself.  I see the looks I get when I go in for a pedicure and they don't even have to use those toe separator thingies.  Back to the topic at hand -- is there a topic?

Do you see how I can just lay there?  It was that one nice summer weekend we had -- you know, the one between the cold and rainy weekend and the stifling humid one.  What we Minnesotans call summer.  One perfect temperature weekend.  Ugh.  Hope that we can have some more. 

Had to make this one big so you could hopefully see his cheek -- what the heck?  Big and swollen.  What is in these Minnesota mosquitos that makes my baby blow up like this.  We had this ear incident:

Then the cheek from above and now we're onto his foot.  Ugh.  Anybody have any good ideas for this?

Randomness but it's what's on my mind right now.

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