Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baseball FUN-damentals

We love the parks and rec system at our house.  I put Joe in soccer whenever it's offered and he's done a sports sampler thing too.  This summer a FUN-damentals class for baseball was offered (their title, not mine) where the boys could be in the same class.  They both got gloves and were super excited for baseball to start.  I took some cute pics this time but they did not want to pose for a pic together or for one with me.  :(  I suppose it's OK -- it was HOT that day.  I'll try to get one with me in it next week.  Here are a few (too lazy to do any editing though):

They started off by running the bases. . .
James had to wave on the way by.
Then they practiced some fielding and daydreaming.

And we can't forget to take time to play in the sand.

Time for batting practice.

And then I took more pictures.  You're shocked, I know.

Finish out the night with a few family photos. 

Can't believe they are getting so big.  Well, one of them seems to be getting big, the other one still looks like a peanut compared to the other kids.  :)

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