Thursday, August 4, 2011

And so it begins . . .

So . . . my "baby" is starting kindergarten in a month.  One month.  ONE MONTH people!  Where did the time go???  I'm an emotional person to begin with but I feel like this might take my waterworks to a whole new level.  I hope that I the tears will come now so I don't make such a fool out of myself that first day of school. 

The boys had their last day of baseball on Wednesday and they got to play a game (they were just practicing skills before).  Everybody had a turn to bat and everyone had a turn to run the bases and score.  It should have been no big deal then when Joe ran across home plate.  But it was.

When he crossed that plate his face beamed with pride and my eyes welled with tears.  Thank God I was all Jackie O with my sunglasses on.  I glanced around and did not see any other parents with my problem.  It just all hit me at once.  He is really becoming his own little person and I'm so incredibly proud of him.

My kindergartner:



  1. isn't it crazy how time flies?

    ha! it's like one of my sister & i... we're emotional! for the good & the bad. you better think of something when that day comes, when joe goes to kindergarten. have one of your friend text you something that minute before you walk in... anything!

  2. Oh, kindergarten. Such an important step, but so hard for mama. I hope you make it through these next weeks with as few tears as possible! Just thinking of Andrew going to kindergarten makes me tear up and he's two, so I understand! :)


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