Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wild, Wild West

The boys have week long "camps" at school.  This week was Wild, Wild West.  We made "Wanted" posters for the preschoolers and school age kids.  They turned out really cute.  We were all supposed to dress up Friday too.  Some of us did.  We don't have a lot of western wear at our house so we stopped at the store and got bandanas.  Jeans, white shirts, and bandanas -- easy enough.  I had a hat to wear and James wanted one too.  After refusing to buy the overpriced pink foam cowgirl hat at Michaels for James, he was not happy with me.  Yep, I said pink foam.  I told him he could try on the one at school.  The one for the pictures.  He took it from my office first thing and didn't take it off all day.  He wore it to the assisted living center during their field trip, he wore it outside to play, if we let him he probably would have worn it for nap (see picture below).  His teacher was able to wrestle it away long enough to let the other kids take pictures.  Who didn't want to take one with the hat?  Why James, of course.  He is so difficult.  I wanted to get a pic of us all together but it just didn't happen.  This is what I got. (And by I, I mean the teachers at school because my children don't really want to cooperate and I think they're getting sick of me shoving a camera in their face.)

The "napping" . . .

The "Wanted" Poster.  Because posing for one just would have been too hard.  Pretty sure that he might be wanted for wearing the hat like that.  (The band goes inside the hat James.)

Joe.  Pretty sure he might be wanted for picking on his brother.

And me.  I think I might be wanted for showing up to the fair like this.  To be fair to me, my hair had been in pigtail braids and under a hat all day.  Not really sure I could've went without it.  I do love hats.

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  1. Yeah, it would have been super cute to get one of the three of you! I'll have to send you the other few that I got of the boys, too bad not together either :(


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