Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was so buys making sure all my camera stuff was ready / charged for today's wedding that I didn't get time to do my #4 post.  I know you were all anxiously awaiting.  Reading my post was going to be the highlight of your Friday night.  Sorry to disappoint folks.  :)

I'm combining 4 and 3 because I feel like it.  Because I didn't have time last night / forgot.  Because I'm leaving for Wisconsin shortly and will not have time to do it later.  Because I said so.

This is it though.  The final weekend as a preschooler.  And he's with his dad.  It's Ok.  He'll come home on Monday and I make him snuggle with me all afternoon and evening so I can prepare myself.  I fully understand that I'm the one that needs to be prepared because he already is. 

Even though I'm not directly with him every day, I get to see him for little snippets of time throughout the day.  I always sympathize with the parents of infants that drop off at the center on their first day and cry because they are leaving their baby.  Tuesday will be that day for me.  He's been at the center since he was 6 weeks old and I've had 5 1/2 years to really get attached to seeing the little munchkin daily. 

Since I'm doing the two in one thing here I'm pretty sure that I should share 2 pics.  This one I took this summer at my mom's and I love it because it's pure Joe.  (Didn't have time to do any editing on these pics.)

Here's a pic of us from the state fair.  More to come on the fair later. . .

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