Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So my countdown is done and kindergarten is here.  I finally feel like I can breathe because the anticipation is over.  He made it in, he made it out.  No catastrophes.  Good deal.

It was a restless night.  Joe was tossing and turning and I kept having dreams that we were going to be late.  (We were not.)  I had decided that we needed donuts to start off kindergarten.  Don't we all need donuts when we're starting an adventure?

(Not editing any pics tonight because I'm not motivated -- these are straight out of camera.)  Should have made a collage but that motivation factor comes in again.

We had to snap a few pics before school.

I was doing pretty good after all this.  Mike, James, and I walked him into his room, talked to his teacher briefly and got him settled in.  The teacher took his hand to lead him to his table and we left.  This is where the tears came in.  Me, not Joe.  (I'm sure you're not surprised.)  I had 3 crying episodes before 10am, each one worse than the first.  I got to work and got busy which is what I needed.  I made it through the rest of the day tear free.  I was even able to sneak out of work to pick him up from school.  I thought a good first day of school deserved a little ice cream. 

I love him so much!!

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