Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Picking with the wee ones

I took the boys to the apple orchard today.  You never would have guessed from the title though, right?  We went to Aamodt's apple farm.  I hadn't ever been there so it was nice to go somewhere new.  Last year we went to Apple Jacks and I think I liked it a little better for the boys. 

We saw a friend from Joe's soccer team while we were there, pet some goats, played on the swingset, took a hayride, bought some apples, picked some apples, ate some popcorn and then some more stuff that just made me tired.  The kids were great.  No fighting / bickering.  :)  Love these days with the kids.

Again with the laziness of editing so I just made a quick collage.  Love the picture of the two of them together and am thinking it needs to go in a frame.  :)


  1. Too cute. I am loving the longer hair on James.

  2. So cute!!! Love the pic of them together too. Definitely frame worthy!!


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