Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Baby! (not mine)

It seems that everywhere I turn around lately there are babies.  I love babies!  My baby making days are over, I think.  I would kind of like one more but I have my hands full with the two I have, I'm not a spring chicken anymore, and (probably most importantly) there's no man in my life.  It does take two to tango.  I've been blessed with two beautiful children and I'm grateful for that.

Back to the subject at hand -- this baby.

I had the opportunity to take some newborn shots last week.  A friend of a friend booked a lia sophia party with me this fall and during the party I was talking about my hobby.  She called me later to set something up.  This was my first time doing the newborn thing.  My uterus might have skipped a beat or two.  :)

He didn't really want to sleep so we had to change up some sleeping shots that we had in mind.  Here are just a few that we did get.  I think these next two are my favorite.  (I totally need some photoshop help.  Does anyone have a good class to take?)

He's cute, right?


  1. This is your first newborn session?! These are great, Carla! I love that third one, even though he does not look happy... But the last one is just so pretty. Oh, I'm pretty sure my uterus skipped a few beats too.

  2. Such a cutie!!! I think the first one is my favorite. Precious photos and baby!


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