Monday, January 30, 2012

Judgement Day

On Friday Joe came home with a couple of gems in his backpack.

This was the first one:

He's joining a reading group.  One of three kindergartners.  In lieu of a Christmas Card letter bragging about my children, I'm doing it here and now.  Oh, and I'm just getting started.  His reading was tested in October to see where he was at for the accelerated reader program.  (He's been reading since he was four.  I'm laying it on thick now.)  Anyway, he tested at 2.5 - a second grade level.  Now he gets to join this reading group.  So proud.

FYI - As much as I can brag about Joe and what a rockin' reader he is, I can't take much credit for it.  It just kind of happened.

Also in his backpack . . . report card!  His first one.  Judgement day.  He has the option of getting S+, S, S-, and N.  This is what it looked like:

Are you looking at all those S+s.  I am.  :)  Math and reading is where he excels - just like his mom.  Evidently in order to work up to getting straight S+s he needs to work on Spanish, singing, and social studies.  Funny thing, he did very well in the task management section.  So not like his mother on that one. 

Bragging is done for the day.  I think.  I do have to mention a few cute things that Joe said / did this weekend that gave me a chuckle.  For as much of a smarty pants as he is, he still can't get some things straight.  
-- He has this book swap at school where he can bring books in and exchange them for new ones.  At least half a dozen times he has referred to it as the book SWAMP.
--  James was running around in a Santa hat (yep, that's how we roll on the weekends) and was talking about being the boss because he was Santa.  Joe says that Santa isn't the boss so then James declares himself to be Barack Obama and the boss of everything.  In retaliation Joe says, "Oh yeah, well I'm Jesus and he's the boss of Barack Obama."  
These are just the ones that I remember.  I try to write them down right away but my laziness overruled everything this weekend.

Now I just need to decide how to reward my little guy for a job well done.  Money?  A special dinner out with just mom?  I'm just not sure.

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  1. How about a special dinner with Auntie Ginny?? I think it sounds great!


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