Friday, January 27, 2012

linked 52: Tired

A couple of things:
1st -- I'm totally on time this week.  Are you shocked?  I kind of am.
2nd -- I totally took this with my phone.  Way better quality than my old phone.  I kind of like it.  It's no instagram but it'll do.  (I haven't picked up my camera in a week and that's not normal.)
3rd-- I took this week's prompt totally literally.  I thought about photographing someone that was tired, something that made me tired, or something of that sort.  I decided on where I go when I'm tired.  My bed.
4th -- I'm evidently really into using the word "totally." :)

Here you have it.  When I'm tired, this is where I go.  To watch a movie and relax, to read a book and relax, to escape from my kids and relax, and to sleep.  :)  This view is the other side of the bed.  The spot I get shoved to when the kids climb in.  Just looking at it now with my soft orange comforter and my fluffy pillow makes me tired all over again.

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  1. i totally overuse the word totally, so i totally didn't even notice that you totally used it lots too.

    my bed is my escape too...although more often then not i am shoved by one little person or another ;)

    great entry carla! love it!

  2. Those are my comfort colors. It looks so soft and inviting...hmmm maybe I should look at some paint chips.
    Very nice.

  3. I totally love the word totally.

    And after an early start this morning thanks to my early risers this bed looks mighty nice right now. :-)

  4. Love this photo. It screams...come lay in me. I really want to go lay down now....:)

  5. so peaceful. makes me want to crawl right back into mine right now.

  6. I loooove using totally. In fact now my 3 year old says it cause I say it so much. And your picture looks totally inviting!

  7. (I wrote a post from my phone and it didn't post...) Anyway, this is a great shot from your phone! I'd kinda like to crawl back into any bed that isn't my son's bed right about now. :)

  8. Sometimes the phone pictures are great because it's all I have with me!

    And I feel totally tired just looking at this photo - I took the theme literally too - took a picture of a sleepy child.

  9. TOTALLY get this picture---this is exactly where I go to escape when I am tired!

  10. good shot with your phone camera. I'm kind of partial to my bed too.

  11. Nothing beats your own bed. Winter makes us tired naturally. Great shot.


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