Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Wednesday Randomness

So it's Wednesday, I haven't blogged in awhile, and I'm in a random kind of mood.

A random picture:

IMG_7465 - Copy (2) 

 They boys goofing off with their cousins after Christmas.  They talk about Noah and Eli constantly.  Noah's on the bottom left and Eli is on the bottom right.  Random dude in the middle.  Alright, so it's not a random dude, it's Noah and Eli's friend.  They had so much fun that day.

We played Mario Kart last night and I seemed to have lost my Mario Kart skills.  I know it shouldn't matter, but it makes me a little sad.

My mom is on vacation and I miss calling her.

I eat peanut butter (at least a small amount) almost daily.  Could I find something a little healthier to obsess about?

Winter showed up today.  I'm not enjoying it.  Brrrrr.  (I'm the mom that sent her kid to school today without any gloves because I was working on autopilot this morning and when he handed them to me I stuck them in his brother's coat.)  Felt like a terrible parent.  My feet are cold.

I told you this was random.

Crying at American Idol right now.  When they make it to Hollywood I feel so proud of them and it chokes me up.  Why must I be so emotional?

Joseph  pulled the tongue out of his gym shoes this week.  The cheap ones from Target.  The only ones he will wear right now.  The cute converse leather ones aren't good enough, the gray ones and the navy ones hurt his feet . . . aggghh.  I had to go buy some ugly shoes from Target because that's what he wanted and I was not going to spend more if he is going to be so picky right now.

Why won't Joe stop eating?  About a half an hour after every meal he tells me he's hungry again.  The size 5 jeans that I bought him for school that were long are now high water pants.

I keep seeing previews for "The Vow" and I think I would like to go see that.

I have no plans for the weekend.  Does anyone want to do anything?

I was going through pictures and found some pictures from my trip to Minnehaha with April this fall.  Maybe I'll share more later but I thought this one captured my personality.


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  1. I had tears in my eyes when I saw N.S.'s drawing. I had to share w/ the toddler teachers. It was toooo cute!

    I am so glad my wkend does not consist of laundry :)


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