Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Again, I say -- Brrrr. How in the heck did it get so cold?? Thankfully the boys and I had a chance to go outside and play last weekend before it got so frigid. I loved watching my little peanuts play in the snow. Well, I loved watching them until James started falling down because there was too much snow and it was hard for him to walk and his mitten kept falling off. It was fun while it lasted anyway. A few pics from our day:

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  1. These are super cute pics, Carla! And I totally understand about's the same with Eli. I swear I spend more time getting him ready to go out then the time he's actually out there! Someone told me about these mittens you find at Once Upon a Child that go up to their elbows and stay on. I'm hoping to stop there this week to pick some up and hopefully prevent that mitten problem!!


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